April 2021 -- We are very excited to be able to have the Garden Tour this year -- Sunday, May 16, 2021, 10am to 5pm -- and we hope you will want to volunteer although it will be quite different from previous years.  We are taking all necessary precautions to keep you and others safe from the Covid-19 virus. 

To save on expenses this year, we have cut many of the perks that were available in previous years.  We will not be giving out T-Shirts, there is no pre-party or after-party.  On a positive note, volunteers can still view all the gardens for free and you will not be selling tickets the day of the event.  No dealing with cash or credit card sales at any of the Gardens.  Social distancing and limited number of guests in each garden will be in place.  

Tickets will be pre-sold through the Garden Tour website as well as the Garden Tour app.  Parking will be limited so please carpool, walk or ride your bike if possible to the home you are volunteering for.

In light of these changes, we hope you will volunteer, support our neighborhood and help us navigate through this event that we LOVE and have tried to reinvent during this pandemic.

Please check out the website for all up-to-date info.


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Little Forest Hills is in Dallas City Council District 9.

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9/14/2020 -- We are happy to report that even though our budget was much smaller this year, due to the absence of the Garden Tour, Little Forest Hills was still able to make a difference and give to many of the organizations that we love and support.  Here is a list - given in conjunction with National Giving Day:


Donation Details:

  • $250.00 to Friends of Dallas Animal Services

  • $100.00 to Ferguson Road Initiative

  • $250.00 to The Magdalen House

  • $100.00 to Good Local Markets

  • $100.00 to For the Love of the Lake - White Rock Lake Park

  • $250.00 to Alex Sanger Elementary

  • $100.00 to White Rock Center of Hope

  • $100.00 to Wilkinson Center

The total amount of your donations is: $1,250.00

* * LFH Neighbors and Friends * *

This year has not started off as well as any of us would have liked and all of us are facing challenges that none of us expected.  But we are a community and together we can do anything.  We can stay safe from this virus, we can reach out to neighbors who might need our help, and we can stay in touch thru our neighborhood association.  To be great together, we are asking for your help.  Please consider joining the LFH neighborhood association.  It's a yearly membership (Jan.-Dec.), $20 per household and only $5 if you're over 62.  It's Easy to Join...just scroll down and click on the button(s) below.  If you love this crazy, fun, funky neighborhood as much as we do (and we think that you do), then we need your support, we need your help, and we need your friendship.

We are better together. Please join today!!

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As one of the BEST neighborhoods in Dallas, we are located near

White Rock Lake, The Arboretum, Casa Linda Shopping Center

and The Arboretum Village Shopping Center.

We are funky, fun and fabulous! 

We attract a variety of very unique neighbors and our friendliness and

sense of community makes life in Little Forest Hills a wonderful experience.

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