LFHNA: COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak

Hi, LFHers --

Welcome to the LFHNA page for the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak! We're working hard to keep everyone in the neighborhood safe, healthy, and informed about the current status of this disease in our beautiful little corner of Texas.


Robinson Tryon

Co-President, LFHNA




For our latest updates about LFH, please see the posts tagged with #COVID-19 on our blog



  • How can I keep my family safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • What can I do to help people in LFH?
    • Thank you for asking! There are MANY things you can do to help in our neighborhood:
      1. Stay healthy -- This is the single best way you can help!
      2. Keep your family healthy -- Practice good hand hygiene, cancel that cruise to Italy, and have a nice family dinner at home
      3. Check with your neighbors -- Call or text them and see if they need a cup of sugar or a roll of TP
      4. Help us help the neighborhood -
        - VOLUNTEER to pick up, deliver, or donate supplies to neighbors in need
        - STAYING HOME? Our Readiness and Marketing/Communications Committees would love to have your assistance in keeping LFH informed and coordinating our neighborhood response. You don't even have to leave your dining room or change out of your PJs!
      5. Monetary donations -- If you'd like to donate directly to LFHNA, we will gladly use your contributions to help our neighbors in need and prepare our neighborhood for future emergencies. We are a 501(c)(3) and will be happy to provide a receipt for tax purposes.

        Click here: 

  • When will the outbreak end?
    • We're not sure, but this is a great time to catch up on all those books you promised yourself you'd read in 2019!
  • My elderly neighbor needs to refill his meds, but thinks he'll be safer if he stays home. How can I help him?
  • What should I do if I start to run low on essentials like toilet paper, groceries, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, or soap?

  • I'm running low on beer. Help?
    • Do you have beer on your emergency rations checklist? Planning ahead is important!

Stay Safe and Healthy, Y'all!