1.  Who do I contact to report code issues (construction, dogs barking, noisy neighbors, standing water, etc)

Please call 311, go to www.dallascityhall.com, or use the 311 app (this is free to download and use). 


2.  What do I do if I suspect criminal activity or see someone suspicious?

Call 911 immediately— let the police decide on how to proceed


3.  How can I request a study for new stop signs / speeding study / street parking issues?

Dallascityhall.com  (dept of street services / engineering)



4.  How do I find out about recent crime reports?

This is currently being revised by the city. Information is very limited at this time.  

http://www.dallaspolice.net or 214-671-3060


5.  How do I stop solicitation at my home?

January 22, 2014 the Dallas City Council passed an ordinance requiring anyone soliciting within the city limits of Dallas to register with and obtain a solicitor’s permit from the City of Dallas. The only exceptions to this ordinance would be charitable and non-profit organizations.  If you would like to prohibit solicitation at your home please refer to Section 42-14(a) of the Dallas City Code which states:


(a) Any person desiring to prohibit home solicitations on the person's residential premises shall exhibit in a conspicuous place upon or near the front or main entrance to the residential premises a weatherproof sign containing the words, "NO SOLICITORS OR HANDBILLS," or any similar notice indicating that the occupants of the premises do not desire to be bothered, have their right of privacy disturbed, or have commercial printed matter left upon the premises.

Please be aware that in accordance to this City Ordinance EACH resident must place this sign on their residence to prohibit home solicitations.  Posting general no solicitation signs in a neighborhood or having a neighborhood policy to prohibit solicitations is not in accordance to the Dallas City Code and cannot be enforced.  For further information regarding the Home Solicitations Ordinance you may go to: http://www.dallaspolice.net/SolicitorsPermit/Solicitors_ordinance.html.


6.  Who is our neighborhood police contact?

Click Here for Current Info


7.  When is bulky trash week?

Click Here for LFH Calendar


8.  How do report a stray / lost / found animal?

Click Here for LFH Animal Alert website

9.  How do I find out about current and proposed zoning issues?

City of Dallas  214-670-8178


10.  My neighbor is having problems with the upkeep of her home due to medical issues?  Who do I contact?

Please contact Linda Calvert, lcalver1@swbell.net or 214.327.5508