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Clean Up The Lake With The Trashtalkers

By Robinson Tryon

January twelfth was our annual Adopt-a-Shoreline contract signing day. It was a great opportunity to chat with the leaders of all of the other Adopt-a-Shoreline group leaders, get an update from Z. Zsohar (yes, his name is actually that awesome), get some questions answered by a representative from the Parks Dept., and grab an apple and some coffee before heading out to the lake for cleanup.

Somewhere along the way I recruited a few unaffiliated volunteers to join us out at the LFH shoreline area. I'd like to think that my natural charm, rugged good looks, and mellifluous voice played some part in the process, but in actuality it was probably just the reflective yellow vest that I was wearing that did the trick.

With several new recruits in tow, we headed out to Kimberly Lane for a couple of hours of cleanup. We found all the usual items -- shoes, tennis balls, bags, straws, plastic lids, lighters, fishing line, and (as always) about a million and a half pieces of Styrofoam. The recent rains and floods have carried a prodigious amount of material up onto the shore, and deposited an even greater quantity of junk into the reedy area between the shore and the elevated walkway.

One of the best tricks we've found for optimizing our cleaning efforts is to carry two blue waste bins in one hand, and pick up trash and recycling items with a picker in the other, sorting each picked item into one bin or the other as you go. Whenever one of the bins is full -- or has become heavier than you'd like to carry around with you -- we empty both bins out into bags. The picture above shows the arrangement.

By our forces combined, we made some amazing progress on the shoreline, ending up with several bags of plastic bottles and even more bags of trash. There's still a lot more refuse out there that needs to be cleaned up, so we'll be planning many more cleanup outings this Spring.

Pick a Saturday and clean up with us -- it's easy to sign up online!


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