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Code Compliance

By Sarah Aston

The City of Dallas Code Compliance has been cracking down on our neighborhood and their appearances have become more and more frequent. With that in mind and a suggestion from one of our readers (thanks, Michell!), I did a quick search on the top 10 Code Violations in the City of Dallas so you can steer clear of those tickets! Below is a paraphrased version of each violation.

  1. High Weeds and Grass (Sec. 18-13) Weeds or grass cannot be higher than 12 inches on your private property.

  2. Litter/Trash (Ch. 7A Sec. 18)- All trash should be disposed of in an authorized private receptacle for collection.

  3. Street/Alley Sidewalk Obstructions (Section 18-14.1)- trim back vegetation (i.e. brushes, tree limbs) growing on the premises projecting over or into the roadway, sidewalk, or alley (Try to do this around bulky trash time so you can dispose of the vegetation properly).

  4. Signs in Public Right of Way- A person commits an offense if he posts or affixes or causes to be posted or affixed any notice, poster, paper, or device, which is calculated to attract the attention of the public, to any lamp post, utility pole, telephone pole, cellular telephone pole, or tree that is located on any public road, sidewalk, or alley or other public property, or to any public structure or building.

  5. Brush Collection/Bulky Trash (Section 18-4(e)(2))- No material may be placed out for collection earlier than the Thursday preceding the collection week, or later than 7:00am on the Monday of the collection week (See LFH’s Bulky Trash Dates on page 3)

  6. Substandard Structures (Section 27-11 (c)(1))- Maintain your premises in operating condition without any holes, excavations, or sharp protrusions, and without any other object or condition that exists that may cause injury to a person.

  7. Junked Motor Vehicles (Section 18-20)- having any “junked” vehicles on private property is considered a public nuisance. If the director reasonably believes that a vehicle is inoperable, they may request the owner of the vehicle to demonstrate that it is operable.

  8. Illegal Dumping (Chapter 18 Section 12)- Illegal Dumping is the improper disposal of waste at any location other than a permitted landfill or facility.

  9. Illegal Outside Storage (Chapter 51a Section 4.217 (b)(6))- Anything left outside for more than 24 continuous hours that is normally not stored outside or is not resistant to exposure to the outside environments.

  10. Graffiti (Ch. 31 Section 38(b))- Failure to remove graffiti from your property in view from the street or other neighbor’s private property may result in a citation. The Code Compliance Department can assist with graffiti removal.

We've also had reports of tickets being issued to people who park in the wrong direction on the street and leaving trash cans out for more than 48 hours. For the complete official list of all Dallas Codes and Regulations, please visit dallascityhall.com/departments/codecompliance.


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