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LFHNA Response to COVID-19/Coronavirus

Hi, LFHers --

Happy Sunday to all of you!

Although there aren't yet many diagnosed cases of COVID-19/Coronavirus in Texas, the global pandemic is having an outsize impact on all of our lives. Schools and churches are closing for the month, flights are being cancelled, and fights are breaking out in aisle 25 of the supermarket over the last box of quilted toilet paper. Okay, maybe I made that last part up.

Over the next few weeks, life's going to be little different in Little Forest Hills. We're all going to practice Social Distancing, many of us will be working from home, and we're going to hold our meetings remotely, rather than face to face.

To help keep everyone in the neighborhood in the loop, we've got a new page on our website with an FAQ and links to some great public health resources. Please check it out and save a bookmark in your browser:


Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Funky!

Robinson Tryon

Co-President, LFHNA

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