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President's Message - Spring 2019

A Message From Your Co-Presidents

Howdy, folks!

Presidents Patrick Blaydes and Robinson Tryon

Wow! What a January meeting -- that room was PACKED! Don't worry, we're already making plans to move down to the auditorium for next January, so we should have a bit more breathing room. For our April meeting, we'll be back in the Parlor, but we'll have plenty of chairs for all of you to sit down.

How about those back-to-back Mardi Gras WOGs in February and March? Cajun and Creole cuisine may not be a doctor-approved part of a weight-loss plan, but it sure tastes delicious! For those of you who couldn't attend, I have a feeling that there might be a crawfish boil in our neighborhood sometime this Spring ;-)

Our next WOG will be the evening of Saturday, April 27. No word on theme yet, but we'll let you know as soon as possible so you can get started on your costumes!

As our weather warms up, we hope that you are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the beauty of our neighborhood. In our busy, bustling lives, we often miss the great joys of a relaxing Saturday enjoying a drink and a conversation with the people who live right across the street. One of our favorite memories in LFH is of the Halloween block party we held on Groveland a couple of years ago. We had folks from all over the 'hood join in the celebrations! To encourage more block camaraderie and neighborhood interaction, we'll be making a special announcement about block parties at our General Meeting in April!

You can find all the articles in this newsletter on our LFH website. Go to the newsletters page and use the "Web Edition" links: https://www.littleforesthills.org/newsletters

Have fun, enjoy life, and stay funky!

Robinson & Patrick

LFHNA Co-Presidents


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