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The Fix It Folks Celebrate Dedication

By Linda Calvert

Joe Beaudette, Fix it Folks 2018 MVP and all-around great neighbor

Somewhere along the way in the beginning of forming our committee, which started in 2004, an unknown resident knocked on my door and explained that he would be happy to help me get my proposed The Fix It Folks rolling by offering his talents in construction. Grabbing a pencil & paper to gather information so I could capitalize on such a wonderful offer quickly before it went away, an offer that seemed to fall out of the heavens without me even asking for it, was indeed my lucky day.

The smiling man turned out to be LFH resident Mr. Joe Beaudette, a man that all our volunteers have learned to respect and appreciate immensely since he is always present anytime the word “construction” is imperative to our success. Joe has spent countless hours leading many of our volunteers in training, concepts, theories, suggesting solutions to all our building problems, and then leading us to completion. And if we are lucky at all he will pull out his guitar at lunchtime and encourage sing-alongs of ballads and self-written tunes. How does a windfall happen that easily?

This Most Valuable Player award has been a long-time coming for Joe and he most clearly deserves this for his hard work, energy, sense of fun and friendship he has offered to us all. Take time to thank Joe anytime you see his smile. We hope he is around for many, many more years because he’s vital to our accomplishments and he makes us look good. We all love Joe!


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