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Want to help distribute our LFH newsletters? We're looking for someone to join our team!

We're looking for one awesome neighborhood volunteer to become our new North-side Newsletter Distributor, covering the half of LFH closest to the Lake.

What does the Distributor do? Each quarter, Mike and Paula pick up newsletters from the printer, then drop them off with you. You'll sort the newsletters into appropriately-sized piles for each street, pack each pile into a manila envelope, and then drop off one envelope with each block captain. What's my area? The North-side Distributor covers Diceman, Santa Clara, Redondo, Forest Hills, San Fernando, and Angora.

Anything else? Aside from newsletters, a couple of times a year we put out flyers advertising the 4th of July, National Night Out, etc. These are distributed in the exact same way. For a detailed job description, Mike's got a geat document that you can find right here: Newsletter distributer North side of Little For...

Want to be our new distributor?

If you're interested in helping distribute the newsletters, please contact Mike Schmitt <mike [at] whiterockmike.com>.

Thank you for helping get the news out to our 'hood!



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