White Rock Lake Garden & Artisan Tour

Due to the Coronavirus, the 2020 Garden Tour is cancelled.


March 17, 2020

Patrons and Volunteers of the

White Rock East Garden Tour and Artisans.


For 18 consecutive years now, the White Rock East Garden Tour and Artisans, in some form has been an annual festival-like event for the neighborhoods of Little Forest Hills, Casa Linda Estates, and Forest Hills.  This year would be its 19th.

In part, that is why this decision has been so difficult for me and the members of the coordination team that work so diligently to put this event on; it truly is a joy.  In light of the situation with the coronavirus, COVID – 19, the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, the steps taken by our local and federal representatives, I have no choice but to announce that the White Rock East Garden Tour and Artisans will be cancelled for the 2020 event.

Our plan will be to reconvene in 2021 with an event that can make up for lost time.  I thank you for your understanding in the matter.

My heart and prayers are with those currently affected and do hope that this decision turns out to be an abundance of caution.



Robert J Morgan


White Rock East Garden Tour

and Artisans


Come spend the afternoon in some of the most beautiful gardens in Dallas! Nine creative gardens in Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills and Casa Linda Estates will be showcased this year, featuring terraced landscaping, peaceful retreats, large organic gardens, water features, lavish outdoor entertaining venues, fun and funky art, and incredible landscaping, trees, and flowers. It will inspire you to work in your garden! We hope that you enjoy the White Rock East Garden Tour & Artisans as much as we enjoy showing off our gardens, homes and neighborhoods at this unique annual event. In addition to dedicated gardeners, these neighborhoods are home to many talented artists who will have their unique creations for sale in the gardens.

Please visit the Garden Tour website for complete information